Ernest Player 2 gaming marathon

Playing 24 games in 24 hours to raise money for Winston’s Wish

Recently, Ernest completed a 24-hour gaming marathon, playing 24 of his favourite games from the last 24 years in 24 hours, as part of our Player 2 challenge and raised over £1,600 for Winston’s Wish. Before he took on the challenge, Ernest told us more about his gaming marathon:

Tell us about your Player 2 fundraising challenge

The challenge I am about to take on is a 24-hour gaming marathon, where I will revisit my favourite games I have played through the years. Starting with the very first game I ever played – Sid Meier’s Civilization – I will be going on a nostalgia-filled trip where I will play 24 games of my choice from 24 years in 24 hours.

I will also present myself with a mini challenge for each game and will attempt to progress as far as possible while providing silly commentary about the games themselves and my experiences with them. I’m looking forward to engaging with people via chat, talking about games and the ‘good old days’.

Ernest gaming marathon for Winston's Wish

Why did you decide to take on this challenge?

Gaming is very important to me – it has helped me cope with various problems throughout my life, helped me learn new skills and even languages. I want to share my experience with others and what better way to do it than raising money for a great charity.

I still have the memory of me sitting on my dad’s lap, listening to him teaching me how Civilization works. It all started there and the gaming journey hasn’t stopped for almost 26 years. Going on a nostalgia trip will also hopefully inspire people to pick up those games that have been gathering dust and give them another try. There are so many great old games out there, it’s a shame they are not so widely played any more!

Why did you decide to support Winston’s Wish?

When my partner lost her father to suicide, her sister was only 11 years old. Winston’s Wish helped support them at a difficult time in their lives, and now we hope to raise as much money as possible so that Winston’s Wish can continue to support others when they need it.


Are you a gamer? Take on a gaming marathon this month to raise money for grieving children who have lost their Player 2 – find out more here.