BBC Lifeline Appeal for Winston’s Wish

Watch the Winston’s Wish Lifeline Appeal on BBC iPlayer now.

BBC Lifeline appeal for Winston's Wish

Watch the Winston’s Wish Lifeline Appeal on BBC iPlayer

Our BBC Lifeline Appeal, hosted by actress Kristin Scott Thomas, was broadcast on BBC One on Sunday 20th December and is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer. We need your support to make this a success, so please watch and share the BBC iPlayer link with your friends and family and help us work towards our vision of a future where every child can get the help they need when someone they love dies. Below you can also find out more about the three young people who featured in our film.

Meet the children and young people featuring in the appeal

BBC Lifeline for Winston's Wish - Eddie's quote


When he was just two years old, Eddie’s mum, Liz, died of cervical cancer. His dad Barry was worried about how Eddie would deal with his grief and emotions as he got older and was scared that he would forget his mum.

Eddie is now 12 and Barry has used the Winston’s Wish Helpline multiple times. As a single parent, it is reassuring for Barry to know that Winston’s Wish is there for them. Over the years as Eddie has grown up, he has had more questions about his mum and his grief. Winston’s Wish has been there every step of the way to reassure Eddie and help him better understand his feelings and how to cope with them.


Tom was just 14 years old when his dad suddenly died of cancer. In the months following his dad’s death, Tom was worried that he would forget his dad – his smile, his voice and all the happy memories – and not be able to share these with his future family. He was concerned that this significant event in his life would define his future.

Because of his dad’s sudden death, Tom never felt that he had a chance to say goodbye, Winston’s Wish has helped him to come to terms with his feelings. With his Bereavement Practitioner, Tom was able to work through his grief and find ways to cherish special memories of his dad.

BBC Lifeline Appeal for Winston's Wish - Tom's quote
BBC Lifeline Appeal for Winston's Wish - Tiffany's quote


Tiffany was eight when her dad died of cancer in 2002. Three years later, her mum’s boyfriend died in a tragic accident. At that point, Tiffany knew that the lives they had rebuilt following her dad’s death were over forever. She was only 11 years old.

Things finally came to a head when Tiffany was 14 and started self-harming. That’s when Winston’s Wish entered Tiffany’s life. Through face-to-face and group work, Tiffany was encouraged to share her feelings and to know that it was ok to cry. Winston’s Wish equipped her with the tools and coping strategies she needed to deal with her pain and Tiffany could finally see her behaviours and actions from another point of view.

Presented by actress Kristin Scott Thomas

“Winston’s Wish is a charity very close to my heart having experienced loss at a very young age. My father was killed in a plane crash when I was five and then, just a few years later, my mother lost her new husband in the same way. I understand how important the work of Winston’s Wish is in supporting children and young people, who like me, have experienced the death of a loved one.”

Kristin Scott Thomas - Winston's Wish BBC Lifeline Appeal
Winston's Wish Lifeline Appeal

How to watch

Our appeal will be broadcast on BBC One on Sunday 20th December at 2pm (12.45pm in Scotland).

You can watch it on repeat on BBC Two on Wednesday 23rd December at 10.10am.

The appeal is now available on BBC iPlayer.

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