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Teenager Shannon’s charity golf day to raise money for Winston’s Wish

Junior golfer Shannon raised over £1,900 for Winston’s Wish by organizing a charity golf day and a 72-hole golf challenge. Despite coronavirus restrictions altering her fundraising plans, Shannon raised an amazing £3,800 from the events which was split between Winston’s Wish and Kendleshire Kids Foundation.

Tell us about your fundraising event for Winston’s Wish

The events I held this year were limited due to coronavirus restrictions, but we managed to do a charity golf day with sponsorship on every hole, a raffle and auction, as well as the golf competition itself.

I also arranged a 72-hole golf challenge which is four rounds of golf to be completed in one day. Along with three other juniors from my golf club, I completed the 72 holes starting at 6.15am and finishing around 7.45pm.

I had so much more planned but it all had to be cancelled due to coronavirus lockdown restrictions. However, I have been asked to be Junior Captain for Kendleshire Golf Club next year so I am hoping to be able to arrange more charity events in the future.

Shannon golf day

Why did you decide to support Winston’s Wish?

I chose to support Winston’s Wish because one of my parents lost their mother when they were young and there was no support available for them at the time.

What did you enjoy most about your charity golf events?

The most enjoyable part of my fundraising was getting people together in a sport that I am passionate about. It felt like a fun way to raise money for Winston’s Wish.

What was the most difficult part of the fundraising event?

We were reliant on the weather and it was so unpredictable – one of my events, the 72-hole challenge, had to be postponed due to lightning! Also, COVID-19 was a worry and we were all hoping that nobody involved in the planning of these events contracted the virus.


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