a group of people doing yoga in a white room with windows

Singapore based Flo channels her passion for yoga to support grieving children

Since qualifying as a yoga teacher Flo Evans has been running successful events in Singapore which she has used to raise awareness and funds to support Winston’s Wish. She told us about her connection with the charity, how she combines her passion for helping others through yoga with fundraising and her exciting plans for the future.

Flo evans doing yoga on the beach

Tell us about your fundraising for Winston’s Wish

I have been raising money for Winston’s Wish through running Yoga & Brunch events to the community in Singapore. I am a recently qualified yoga teacher and was looking to build up my teaching experience and practice my passion, so the idea seemed like a perfect combination of the two!

I love helping others feel calm and centred, whilst also raising money for an important cause. Furthermore, getting everyone together to go for coffee/brunch after the class has been a great way of others making new friends and socialising.

Why did you decide that you’d like to support the charity?

Winston’s Wish is an incredible cause, and particularly close to the hearts of my immediate family. I am passionate about supporting Winston’s Wish in all the work they do to help support children through the difficult time of losing a loved one. Helping them process grief and flourish despite pain is a hugely motivating cause to me.

(My auntie is also a trustee for the charity).

How did you approach advertising your classes and what has the reaction been like locally to you?

I have advertised my classes on Instagram, and shared them to friends, encouraging them to invite others along too. I am so grateful for the support of my close friends and boyfriend who have been attending each one of my classes since the beginning! Support of those close to you makes a big impact on your confidence.

a large group of people practicing yoga on matts in a white room, they are in downward dog position

What have been some personal highlights for you of your fundraising experience so far?

I have loved getting to know new people and see that others have made new friends through the events. Furthermore, receiving feedback from individuals saying that my classes have helped them feel calm and strong in themselves is lovely to hear.

Do you have any plans to continue?

I am continuing to build out my yoga events calendar – with yoga at the beach, sunrise yoga and hopefully some retreats planned soon! I would love to keep supporting Winston’s Wish. This has given me such a sense of purpose since starting this initiative up – and I can’t stop doing it!

What advice would you give to people thinking about setting up their own unique charity fundraiser?

I would say if you have an idea, just do it! If it’s something you are passionate about, push through your hesitations and just take one step at a time to making it happen. When it comes to raising money for charity, I think ensuring that it involves a social occasion or excuse to have coffee and a catch up is really appealing to others – you will leave them on a high having made some new friends and connections of their own.

Huge thanks to Flo for her support and good luck with your next steps and ideas! If you would like to find out more about Flo’s classes in Singapore, take a look at her Instagram page.