two photos side by side of the same woman dancing, one inside and one outside holding an umbrella

Phoebe’s 30 Days of Disco moves

Phoebe signed up to take on a 30 Days of Disco challenge (Winston’s Wish’s first dancing challenge, marking 30 years of the charity), and has been keeping friends, family and followers entertained with fantastic dancing on Instagram throughout September. Phoebe has raised over £700, which will help to support grieving children, young people and families. We asked Phoebe more about the challenge.

Tell us about your 30 Days of Disco Challenge

It’s pretty much me making myself look incredibly silly on Instagram. So, my usual antics of shaking my bottom and thinking I’m starring in ‘Hairspray,’ whilst cooking, but documented!

Why did you decide that you would like to support Winston’s Wish?

The challenge actually came at the perfect time for me – it was approaching the 2nd anniversary of our family’s loss and I really wanted to acknowledge it positively by fundraising.

From the day following my daughter being witness to her Daddy’s sudden cardiac arrest, aged four, Winston’s Wish have been a rock in equipping me with the tools to support her. Despite the pandemic and not being quite old enough to attend groups, even the knowing there was children in her position and having literature to contribute to her understanding was of comfort. She now knows more so that I was constantly on the phone to Winston’s Wish in that first year!
It is important to me that my daughter sees me tangibly supporting Winston’s Wish as well as accessing the support. So, when I saw that this challenge fell at the same time I leaped (and pirouetted)! at the chance.

You’ve raised a fantastic amount, how did you approach your fundraising?

With how the country is economically at the moment and its impact on families, I was really cautious that asking for money would be deemed in bad taste but, equally, my understanding is that if families are suffering then charities are also – the effect of which I daren’t imagine!
So, firstly I was honest about that as a standpoint and then I just got people to feel involved – donating to suggest a song, or theme. I’m no tech whizz but I’ve really tried to make it an enjoyable 30 seconds or so, hoping that people won’t get bored and keep sharing or donating. I don’t feature my daughter on social media, but I even had her involved using a multi-coloured emu puppet I saw in a charity shop window and knew would be a star component!

What have been the most and least enjoyable parts of your challenge?

The hardest part is the ridiculous ideas I have when people make a suggestion – full production and costume design levels of idiocy and then remembering I have dinner to make! Or the couple of days I’ve done videos that haven’t uploaded and I’ve been in bits having to apologise in a panic but, everyone has been great.
Most fun has been feeling like I’m actively helping get across the message that happiness can continue after such an awe inspiringly hard time and remembering that being alive, among music and the collective goal of fundraising is just such a privilege.

What advice would you give to other people thinking of taking on a Winston’s Wish fundraising challenge?

Just do it!
My daughter has been truly taken aback by how supportive everyone has been and how that will help other children. That’s all I could ever wish for.
I am ever cautious to not share parts of her grief journey publicly that aren’t mine to tell, so I was in part, worried that people wouldn’t connect fully with ‘why’ I am doing this but I honestly feel like there is a joy that comes from knowing you have had a part in supporting a charity like Winston’s Wish; people have literally thanked me for bringing the charity to their attention so, definitely, anyone interested in any way (even from behind the camera!) don’t hesitate!

Huge thanks to Phoebe for sharing their motivation and brilliant moves with us and for all of your hard work fundraising too. If you’d like to see Phoebe’s amazing dancing you can watch all of their Instagram reels here, and if you’d like to donate to support their challenge you can do so here: Phoebe’s paypal fundraising page.