Winston's Wish Wear Wellies Day 2020

Wear Wellies Day is back for 2024 – Make a splash to raise some cash

Children and young people’s bereavement charity Winston’s Wish created Wear Wellies Day to bring a fun fundraising activity for offices, schools and professionals around the country, and to help raise awareness of childhood grief.

Winston’s Wish explains that children’s emotions can change quickly. They may be sad or upset one moment and then soon after appearing ok and asking about something totally different. Winston’s Wish refer to this way of experiencing grief as ‘puddle jumping’. The metaphor refers to the idea of children jumping in and out of their grief. Changing emotions this way can be very confusing for children, and also the adults who care for them and feel their own grief differently.

Wear Wellies day aims to open up conversations around children grieving and increase adults understanding. To encourage children to express their emotions; be it sadness, anger, joy or fear. By opening up these important conversations about death we can allow children who are grieving to ‘puddle jump’ while understanding their mixed emotions.

Encourage your pupils, classmates and colleagues to get involved in this fun fundraiser for Winston’s Wish before the end of March 2024, and help to raise money to ensure no child grieves alone.

For more information, ideas on how to take part and to receive your own fundraising pack, click the button below to sign up.