Boost your fundraising

Take a look at some easy and fun methods of maximising your fundraising for Winston’s Wish

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Signing up to a challenge is the first exciting step on your fundraising journey and there are lots of ways that you can boost your efforts to raise more cash for grieving children, young people and families. Engaging with the people you’re looking to secure donations from is vital, so there are some ways listed below for you to connect with them in different ways. There’s also information on linking your favourite fitness, streaming and music apps to get your supporters involved, from when you begin your training to crossing the finish line and sharing your successes, to give that grand total a healthy boost.

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Link your apps

Linking your apps shows sponsors your progress and is shown to encourage more people to donate.

If you set up your page using JustGiving, you can link activity apps Fitbit and Strava, to help give your donations a boost. To sign up head to their website, register and search for Winston’s Wish.

Get Social

It’s been proven that sharing your fundraising efforts with your friends and family (or whoever is sponsoring you) helps you to raise more money, so regular updates in various formats shared across your social channels can remind people who haven’t donated yet to grab their wallet, encourage people to interact with you about your fundraiser, offer support and of course show how hard you’ve been working to train in preparation for your challenge. Use hashtags where you can and tag those who are keen to follow your journey and be your biggest cheerleaders.

Don’t forget to share in your most used Whatsapp groups too, as updates can get lost in people’s social media feeds.

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Go Live

Don’t be afraid to include lots of pictures of yourself in training, having fun and getting into the challenge, as this increases donations and helps people feel connected to what you’re up to. Videos or live streaming parts of your challenge work especially well for this and give you the opportunity to show your personality and connection to the cause.

Let people know why you’ve chosen to support Winston’s Wish

Telling your story and talking about your connection with Winston’s Wish is a sure fire way to help people to understand your motivation to support our work and is also guaranteed to increase donations to your page. You can also include the below information about who we are and what we do:

“Winston’s Wish is a national childhood bereavement charity, supporting children, young people and their families – as well as the professionals supporting them – when someone close to them dies.  They provide professional guidance, information and practical support through a Freephone National Helpline, online support, face-to-face support, publications and training.

I want to help fund their support for grieving children across the UK, will you join me and make a contribution? Everything helps, whether you donate a little or a lot.”

Images you can use

Choose an image below that you’d like to use, right click and ‘save as’, then simply upload it to your fundraising page

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If you’d like to speak with a member of the fundraising team about your fundraising challenge and how you can supercharge your efforts, contact us on