Hope After Suicide

Thousands of children are bereaved by suicide each year. Help us to be there to hear their stories.

Hope After Suicide

When children like Liam are bereaved by suicide, we have to be there to hear their story.

Someone to talk to

Every day, 25 young people like Liam are bereaved by suicide*. This means that during the summer holidays, more than 1,000 children across the UK will have been affected by a parent taking their own life. Each of these children has a tragic story to tell and they desperately need someone to talk to – someone who knows how to listen and can help them cope with their loss.

Help us be there to hear their stories

Unfortunately, children in Liam’s situation frequently find that their teachers and classmates are uncomfortable and unsure how to respond, especially when a death is by suicide. When children bereaved by suicide fail to get the support they need, they are much more likely to fall behind at school, suffer mental health problems or turn to drink and drugs later in life. These children are also twice as likely to take their own life.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You could help Winston’s Wish support bereaved children from across the UK – listening to their stories and helping them find ways to overcome their trauma.

Winston's Wish bereavement support services

Supporting grieving children

Online resources

We have information and resources available online for children, young people and families who have been bereaved by suicide.

Helpline - Winston's Wish Freephone National Helpline
Freephone National Helpline

Our Freephone National Helpline, ASK email and online chat service provides bereavement support for anyone supporting grieving children or young people.

Publications and resources from Winston's Wish
Publications and resources

Our specialist publications to help parents and professionals supporting grieving children and young people of all ages and circumstances.

school support during coronavirus

A note on figures

*Sadly, the number of children bereaved by suicide in the UK is not officially recorded. We have based our figure of 25 children a day on the fact that 22% of calls to our Freephone National Helpline are concerning a child bereaved by suicide and 112 children a day are bereaved of a parent in the UK.

** Your donation will go towards all of our specialist bereavement support services for children.