The Brew & Biscuit Break

Join in around World Biscuit Day and take on a mouth-watering fundraising challenge to be in with a chance of winning a year’s supply of biscuits.

The power of a brew and a chat

Setting aside the time to talk about grief and start to normalise these conversations is what Winston’s Wish is all about.

Grabbing a cuppa and arranging to spend time with a friend, family member or colleague who might be grieving, supporting someone who is, and wants to talk can make a real difference.

It’s through these chats, check ins, pots of tea and a listening ear, that we can all help to begin to break down barriers and start to remove the elephant in the room that grief can be.

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Choose your challenge

Brew & Biscuit 1
The blindfold biscuit challenge

Each person pays £2 to enter. Guess which biscuit you are given blindfolded. The winner with the most correct guesses wins a box of biscuits (organised by the fundraiser)

Brew & Biscuit 5
Roll your biscuit

Set up a table with some paper cups attached at the end for your biscuits to roll into and pay £2 to enter the game. Each cup represents an amount, you have to roll their biscuit down the table so that it lands in a cup. Whichever cup it is, you donate the amount. You could include a forfeit or challenge in each cup too!

Brew & Biscuit 4
The Big Dunk

Gather your friends or colleagues, and your favourite dunking biscuit. Pay £2 to enter. Someone needs to time how long a biscuit can be dunked before breaking off. The longest dunking biscuit wins a box of biscuits (organised by the fundraiser).

Or, come up with your own fun biscuit challenge!

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Pay in Funds

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Your support can transform a child’s life

The support we received from Winston’s Wish is the backbone to our everyday life now. For the children, they know how they can continue to remember their dad and still connect with him even as their own memories fade.

Lisa, mum to Christian, Guy and Helena, whose dad, Tom, died suddenly of a brain tumour