Nick with his wife and son

A letter for Winston’s Wish

Written by Winston’s Wish supporter, NickIt was nearly 47 years ago, as a 19-year-old, when my life was turned upside down. At around 4 am, a knock on my door, and two oversized policemen squeezed into my room. After suggesting I sit down, they told me, without much further softening of what was to ...
Open notepad with hand holding a pen and about to write

Children’s Grief Awareness Week: A letter to my younger self

This Children’s Grief Awareness Week, four Winston’s Wish Young Ambassadors have written a letter to their younger selves. In these powerful letters, Teigan, Grace, Maisie and Tom tell their younger selves how they will cope with their grief following the death of their important people. Children's Grief Awareness Week is taking ...
Hattie's story - Winston's Wish

Hattie’s story: Losing my mum during coronavirus lockdown

Hattie’s mum died suddenly during the height of the coronavirus lockdown in May 2020, when Hattie was just 17 years old. Following her mum’s death, Hattie reached out to Winston’s Wish for support. She wanted to share her story and her experience of grief to help Winston’s Wish be there for ...
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