Hanna and Hayden Collect 100 Pieces of Litter for Hope100!

Hanna and her 4-year-old Son Hayden, are challenging themselves to collect 100 pieces of plastic litter for The Hope100 Challenge!

Hanna heard of Winston’s Wish when her friend – a mother of 2 – died suddenly. The news came as a big shock to their social group who met at an anti-natal group back in 2013.

Wanting to do something to help both their friend’s family, and other children affected by the death of a parent, many of the Mums have signed up to complete The Hope100 Challenge with their children.

At first, Hanna, from Stockport, said she wasn’t sure what to do for her challenge, as being 8 months pregnant ruled out most physical activities. Reading ‘100 things to do for Hope100’, Hanna and Hayden chose something to fit around their daily life and to help others in their community.

We asked Hanna to tell us more about what they’re doing and what Hayden thinks of their new challenge…

“Hayden is so up for the challenge and now he’s obsessed with picking up plastic litter! He understands why we’re doing it and what Winston’s Wish does to help children and their families.

Hayden has a good awareness of plastic, recycling and rubbish, especially with it being in the news a lot lately, so it’s a way of us tying together fundraising for Winston’s Wish with doing something useful for the world too.

We do our Hope100 Challenge on the way to and from Hayden’s childminder. It only adds about 5 minutes onto our walk every day and we’re collecting a lot more than predicted… on one morning alone we collected 31 pieces of plastic!

The key thing about this challenge was that it’s something we can do together and I know the other Mums are doing it with their kids too. It also fits in with our family aim to try to be green and hopefully we’re doing something good for our community at the same time.

Hayden’s been telling people about his challenge and said to his childminder “Once you’ve picked up a few bits you’ll start to see it everywhere!” – he’s even been checking her garden for plastic too!”

Good luck to Hanna and Hayden as they enter week 2 of The Hope100 Challenge!

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