Heather - 12Ks of Christmas

Heather: My 12Ks of Christmas challenge for Winston’s Wish

Heather is taking on the 12Ks of Christmas challenge to raise money for Winston’s Wish by running 12km a day for the whole of December.

Why did you decide to take on the 12Ks of Christmas challenge?

I hate running, hate it. I don’t hide that, but during the first lockdown I started running as it was the only thing I could do. That continued into the second lockdown and I was running more days that not. I decided to try and do something good with it. I found Winston’s Wish and the 12Ks of Christmas challenge and I stupidly thought that running 12Km a day throughout December would be a good idea to raise money!

Heather Gomez 12Ks of Christmas challenge

Why did you decide to support Winston’s Wish?

I guess my reason for running for Winston’s Wish is different to most. I can’t describe how upsetting I found it looking at the facets on your website of how many children and young people you have helped, just in the last year alone. It made me realise that with a charity you never need to use it unless something life-changing has happened to you.

My stepbrother was 18 when he came into my life and by then he had already lost his dad to cancer a few years earlier over the Christmas period. I couldn’t help but thing how life might have been just a little easier for him and my step mum if they’d had Winston’s Wish is their life at the time.

My children are 14 and 16 and I wanted to do something to help now so that if it was ever needed Winston’s Wish would be there to help them.

How is your 12Ks of Christmas challenge going?

So far, so good! I’m a coach at a Crossfit gym and so many members are asking to run with me, which is lovely. It means I get some company and also chat about Winston’s Wish. I can’t do much to help but I can make sure I talk about the amazing work you guys are doing!


You can sponsor Heather on her JustGiving page here.

Fancy taking on your own 12Ks challenge? You’ve still got time! Complete 12K your way before 25th December. Fundraising superstars who raise more than £100 will receive an exclusive race medal! Click here to find out more and sign up.